Naming And Syntax Conventions

Infinum Rails Team uses the community guideline for naming and syntax conventions. Please read it.

To preserve syntax consistency in our applications we use a Ruby style-checking analyzer called Rubocop - it's packaged as a Ruby gem and it comes with a CLI to check style consistency. Although that's nice, we prefer to use it as a plugin for our favorite editors to get realtime in-editor warnings just as we're writing code. Wether you're using Vim, Atom or Sublime, please check if it's properly installed after you've run our installation scripts.

Rubocop is highly configurable and we only slightly steer from the suggested guidelines. Our configuration can be found here.

developers = %w(Lucas John Tommy)

instead of

developers = ['Lucas', 'John', 'Tommy']

We find it OK to write string arrays in the second manner for 2 reasons:

developers = %w(Lucas John Tommy Herman\ Zvonimir)